About Hamon Soft

Certification & Patent

Introduces Harmonsoft’s products and company certification and patents.

Certification Documents

Hamonsoft GS(SMS) certification

Hamonsoft GS(NMS) certification

Venture Business Confirmation

Certification of laboratory

Confirmation of INNO-BIZ

Certification of familism

Membership card of INNOBIZ

Venture CEO Chief Executive Officer Course certificate

Venture Business Association

Industry-University Cooperation Agreement

Industry-University Cooperation Agreement – Semyeong computer high school

Software provider Report Confirmation

Small business association Prize

Certificate of direct production confirmation

Patent Documents

Sensor data processing system and its method

Network-section-specific quality estimation and its system

Network equipment and network control method

IPTV user validation device and its method

Method and device for security situation data exchange between mobile phones


Processing techniques for dispersion-structured network traffic big data with open source database (among the application)