About Hamonsoft


Hamonsoft Co., Ltd. It is the footsteps that the fruit of one person, one person gathered together. We will continue to do my best in the future.

01 key telecommunications service provider of L construct all traffic DDoS detection system
06 Construct the massive integrated traffic analysis system in over the country elementary, middle, high school of 20,000
12 Achieve the over 450 domestic and overseas customers
12 Launch the NETIS (big data, proceeding combined control)
10 Achieve the over 300 domestic and overseas customers
05 Companies subject to national policy research projects(big data based on integrated framework solution development)
06 Launch the NETIS (SRMS, 3D, GIS)
10 Free transfer of ETRI patent (2 cases)
11 Nominate the certification of family company
02 Achieve the over 200 domestic and overseas customers
06 Launch the NETIS (OnAir,ACS )
07 Completion of the CEO program of a venture company(Awarded the prize from the Small and Medium Business Administration)
04 Obtain the TA NMS, SMS certification of GS
05 Select the technology innovation small business (Inno-biz)
06 Launch the NETIS (VoIP,DDoS)
06 Launch the NETIS (AP, CCTV)
10 Make a military service company
11 Launch the mobile APP (OnAir, augmented reality, navigation, multi-chatting)
12 Announce the defense Information Technology Symposium
06 Launch the NETIS (UMS, FNMS, LOG ) )
10 Move the headquarter(Gasan digital complex)
02 Venture company certification
06 Launch the NETIS (SMS, FMS, NAS)
01 Establish the Hamonsoft corporation
06 Launch the NETIS (NMS, TMS, UPS)
10 Establish the laboratory
99 Develop the Network management system
03 Develop the server management system
05 Develop the traffic analysis system
07 Develop the HFC line, APT-LAN optimization system

Organization chart

Hamonsoft is consist of Management support team, Sales team, Engineering team, Laboratory,
we are doing our best to satisfy our customers with the best technology and teamwork.