Currently, the login credentials of personal business PCs used by public organizations or corporations depend on simple passwords provided by hardware (CMOS) and software (Windows). As a result, if a password is exposed to a colleague, the authentication system will be easily opened. Even if important data requiring security is leaked, it is difficult to confirm the fact that the data is leaked. PC authentication provided by Harmonsoft Co., Ltd. is a security solution that perfectly complements the above risks and weaknesses, and provides IC card (civil employee, employee certificate) / biometrics (red body, fingerprint etc.) authentication system and real time pattern analysis system

Main Function

  1. Use non-steal authentication method

In addition to existing password method, IC card authentication such as biometrics such as iris or fingerprint, authentication of IC card such as employee ID or employee ID, etc., is used, has strengthened in security.

  1. Real-time behavior monitoring

The security manager can monitor various log history (copy / modify / delete, copy / modify / delete external devices, network use, etc.) generated from a large number of business PCs in real time and provide automatic alarm function in case of security violation

  1. Behavioral Data Statistics / Analysis

It is possible to analyze patterns of PC usage behavior such as history of use for specific user or specific PC from past to present, and provides various statistical data

  1. Access control system interlock function

Enhanced security by providing integrated interlocking function from facility access control to PC usage control in conjunction with our access control system

Conceptual ERD




Management server

  • Register and manage user authentication type policies, Emergency Response OTP Creation
  • Manage your PC / notebook’s unique identification number registration
  • Registration and management of E-government certificate for each user
  • Manage PC authentication log by type of PC user / operator

Electronic Civil Service Certificate Pass
Contact / non-contact USB reader

  • Electronic Civil Service Certificate Pass Contact / non-contact USB reader
  • Rapid authentication processing of 848kbps
  • CSP authentication of Windows operating system when forming ActiveDirectory based on standard identifier of public institution

User PC certified electronic civil service

  • Contact / Contactless Reader Compatible User Certified Electronic Civil Service Certificate Pass
  • Passport used as a standard ID for public institutions and an electronic ID card
  • User authentication medium with user information embedded in IC Chip with standard security ID with security algorithm

PC authentication control agent

  • Agent program installed on PC
  • Transfer user’s unique identification value and user account information during agent installation
  • Electronic Civil Service Identifier / Select PIN authentication / Parallel
  • Select Windows Password Authentication
  • Send user authentication log