Network Intelligent IPT

NETIS-IPT(Network Intelligent IPT)is an advanced intelligent network server management system.
It monitors servers in real time and detects any change of a server, CPU, response time, performance, malfunction, etc.

Main Function

01 Optimum Management of VolP Phone and Equipment Information

  • Collecting VolP phone and equipment information
  • IP MAC information, IP information, post processing system IP
  • Collecting last calling hours and delay, loss, jitter information
  • Numbers called to from each phone and calling quality information
  • Subscriber information for each quality
  • Phone subscriber information
  • Monitoring communication status of each phone
  • Call history of each phone

Conceptual ERD




Real-Time Integrated Control

  • Intuitive monitoring of malfunction and performance with a network topology of logical hierarchy
  • Monitoring status, configuration and performance of network equipment and VolP equipment(IP PBX, Voice GW, IP Phone) in real-time.

Detailed Analysis of Call History

  • Call detail records(CDR) of IP phone
  • Collecting quality information of each call and offering statistical data (delay, loss, jitter)

Various Malfunction Alarm Systems

  • Integrated event collection structure
  • Various alerts of malfunction sent to the operator such as sound, SMS/push, pop-up, etc.

Performance and Malfunction Management

  • Monitoring status of IP PBX, Voice GW, IP Phone
  • Real-time performance monitoring of VolP equipment and IP phone
  • Accessing VolP equipment information (CPU, memory, temperature, PRI line, etc.)
  • Event for each stage based on threshold of each performance item
  • Export Performance and event data export