IoT equipment

IoT Wearable Device

Smart device

. It links a field-data-sharing platform with a drone or various smart devices.
Through the linkage with a drone or a IoT-based smart device, it makes a foundation where users can collect data and information of a remote place in real time, analyses and reports it, and establishes a rapid response system.
It can be utilized for battlefield data visualization of military operations, command system establishment of accidents, precaution/security system establishment for an extensive area, etc.

Main Function

  1. Drone

Smartphone/Web-based real-time visualization of data of drone in various uses e.g. video, location, etc. and field control

  1. HMD Wearable camera and HMD

Linkage between smartphone and wearable device e.g. wearable camera, HMD(head mounted display), etc. for video and data collection and real-time dissemination of situation

  1. IoT Sensor and CCTV, High-Quality Observation Camera

Analysis and wireless-based(mobile LTE) real-time dissemination of data collected by various IoT sensors for earthquake vibration, metal, heat, air pollution, etc. and video of high-quality day and night observation camera

Conceptual ERD




Mobile/IoT-Based SI Construction Experience

  • Technology through experience of construction business and maintenance operation management of various mobile SI, including mobile-based or IoT-based construction business

Heterogeneous Device Linkage Development

  • Technology through linkage development between mobile and other various devices e.g. drone, wearable camera, HMD(Head Mounted Display), TOD thermal camera, sensors, etc.

Closed Network LTE Construction/Management Technology

  • IoT smart device linkage development and construction capability based on construction and management technology of closed network LTE equipment

Smart Device Security

  • Development technology for validation, data integrity and forgery prevention with linkage with security solution e.g. VPN, MDM, etc.