Network Intelligent DDOS

NETIS-DDOS (Network Intelligent DDoS) is a distributed intelligence Provides DDoS event detection function using real-time analysis and big data processing module.

Main Function

  1. Large FLOW collection

Large Flow Raw Data Collection Using Distributed Relay Collection Technology

  1. Various FLOW

Supports various types of flow such as Netflow, Sflow, Cflow, and IPFIX

  1. Application of Big Data Processing Technology

Raw data analysis technology applied with big data processing technology

  1. DDoS event detection and interlocking

DDos event detection and control system based on threshold profile interlock

Conceptual ERD




Traffic control function

  • Collect and analyze raw traffic data based on flow through collection server and provide trend graph and comparison graph information by period

DDos detection function

  • Provides event generation function based on flow traffic item for DDos attack detection
  • Detect DDos attack events and traffic surges / drop events based on learning thresholds 

DDos detection alarm

  • DDoS detection screen for each group of tree structure and DDOS event detection function through event handler
  • Event alarm with event inquiry screen and audible sound

Traffic analysis function

  • International / Domestic traffic is discriminated and selected, and a specific section of the traffic trend graph is selected to provide the detail traffic inquiry function of the corresponding section
  • Detailed traffic information and data export function of selected section 

Manage traffic thresholds

  • Manage and manage the profiled thresholds and provide detailed selection function for each threshold item
  • Provides training threshold application and automatic correction function for each threshold item and provides profile management function for detection threshold

Event sending function

  • Automatically send SMS and Mail to registered person in case of DDos event
  • Provides detailed convenience features such as manual dispatch and dispatch station management
  • Provides event tracking function