Network Intelligent Closed Circuit TeleVision

NETIS-CCTV(Network Intelligent Closed Circuit TeleVision)is an advanced intelligent network CCTV management system. The solution manages the complicated and varied CCTV network in an efficient and integrated way and systematizes CCTV locations, conditions and installation detail information on GIS.

Main Function

  1. Integrated Dashboard

Users can manage network equipment, CCTV equipment, etc. by consolidation with icons of the real location and information of CCTV on a network topology dashboard and GIS.

  1. CCTV Body Management

Setting data levels and thresholds for door open, submersion and temperature of a CCTV body and managing events of the CCTV on a topology dashboard and GIS map.

  1. Alarm/Security Management

Users can display events of registered network devices and CCTV equipment and view the history of them. If any terminal accesses that’s outside of the MAC address registered as a facility of the CCTV equipment, an alarm occurs.

  1. Facility Management

It manages a network, CCTV equipment, network equipment lines and conditions and changes of possessed CCTV equipment.

Conceptual ERD




Management Using a GIS Map

  • Displaying location and conditions of a CCTV by registering the CCTV on a GIS map
  • Easy maintenance with location on a GIS map when malfunction occurs

Facility Management

  • Managing facility status and changes of CCTV equipment
  • A system with facility management for easy maintenance

CCTV Real-Time Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring of network and CCTV equipment conditions
  • CCTV screen linkage (in case that the CCTV offers a screen-linkage protocol)

CCTV Malfunction Alarm and Control

  • Setting threshold values for communication status, door open, submersion, temperature, power on/off, etc.
  • Remote control of door open/close
  • Detection and alarm of unaccredited MAC ad
  • Various malfunction alerts by SMS and e-mail