Network Intelligent ASSETS

NETIS-ASSET(Network Intelligent ASSET) is an IT infrastructure asset management solution.
Standardize and streamline management information for distributed IT infrastructure assets to provide reliable asset management data

Main Function

  1. Asset management

It provides an intuitive user UI, and provides systematic and ongoing asset management through standardized programs.

  1. Asset Item Management

It provides the function to add / modify / delete the asset item column required by the customer on the user UI freely.

  1. Asset change management

Provides history management of asset changes through historical management of who made what and when changes were made to the asset items.

  1. Asset classification management

N / W Provides asset management functions for asset and server assets, telephone assets, and other IT devices.

Conceptual ERD




Asset management function

  • Add, edit, and delete asset information of registered equipment.
  • Provides asset management that can be deleted

Asset Item Management

  • Provide asset management function by user
  • Implement free add, edit and delete interface for asset column

Asset change history management

  • Provide history management function for IT asset changes
  • Provide yearly and life cycle management through current IT asset management

Effective division management

  • It provides individual management of management items by IT asset type
  • Provide automatic registration of IT assets and failure history management function in conjunction with IT infrastructure management solution