Access mon

The access control system strengthens the control of the personnel and the access of the vehicles to the control areas or restricted areas in specific facilities.

Main Function

  1. Applications for access / approval / Manage tracking integration

Consolidate the application for a person in one system, the approval of the security manager, and the personnel / vehicle control of the facility manager

  1. Smartphone control of visitor

Security functions are activated at the same time as accessing smartphone devices carried in and out of the facility, so that functions such as camera, wireless Internet, and recording can be controlled

  1. Intelligent CCTV Interworking

Control the passengers by linking with the intelligent CCTV video and manage the access history of vehicles by auto identification of the car number

  1. Control by Facilities Zone

It is possible to control access to facilities according to security level and authority of issued card

Conceptual ERD




Intelligent access control

  • Entrance and exit control
  • Video surveillance and alarm events
  • Time-based, regional access control
  • Emergency remote control
  • Effective security work based on ICT

Absenteeism and tardiness / drinking water management system

  • Personal identification using electronic certificate
  • Automatically counting and inquiring commute data, line / postpaid drinking water
  • Prevent overtime spending
  • Business efficiency through automation
  • Establishment of organizational working discipline
  • Real-time transparent water management

PC security system

  • Connected with our PC certification system
  • Smart card-based PC login control
  • Electronic employee certificate / civil employment application
  • Access control authentication data interlock
  • Apply PC security policy by force
  • Real-time monitoring of user PC events