Network Intelligent NMS

NETIS-NMS(Network Intelligent NMS) is an advanced intelligent integrated network management system.
We integrated all the items to manage networks in a more efficient and stable way beyond the existing NMS.

Main Function

  1. IP/Segment Management

Netis classifies networks by IP and segment and makes groups. It continuously monitors and manages classified IPs and segments.

  1. Network Component Management

Users can constantly combine properties and interferences of each network components such as a router, switch, server, FMS, etc.

  1. Detection of Traffic/Abnormal Traffic

Users can not only collect network traffic and monitor varieties of traffic data but keep an eye on unusual traffic occurrence through the system.

  1. Integrated Dashboard

Users can manage IP / Segment, network devices, server and traffic status, etc. all integrated into a network topology dashboard.

Conceptual ERD





Network Change Management

  • Automated application and management of network equipment and line configuration change through regular detection

Data Collection Efficiency

  • Monitoring 20,000 lines in one server
  • Collecting data of essential lines every second (1,000 port)

Standardised Protocol

  • Standard SNMP v3 protocol with reinforced security
  • Many types of management ways for efficient network management
    (ICMP,SNMP v1/2/3, Telnet, SSH, Syslog, Trap, HTTP)

Various Malfunction Alarm Systems

  • Integrated event collection structure
  • Various collecting API e.g. syslog, trap, script, file, etc.

Real-time Integrated Control

  • Intuitive monitoring of malfunction and performance with network topology of logical hierarchy
  • Real-time monitoring of status, configuration and performance of network devices e.g. backbone, router, switch, firewall, etc.

Performance and Malfunction Management

  • Export Export of performance and event data
  • Real-time performance monitoring of network devices and lines
  • Event occurrence and automatic control of device and line status through detection on/off, alert conditions and thresholds
  • Statistical analysis of performance values of each collection item and occurred events through a report