Network Intelligent SMS

NETIS-SMS(Network Intelligent SMS) is an advanced intelligent network server management system.
It monitors servers in real time and detects any change of a server, CPU, response time, performance, malfunction, etc.

Main Function

  1. Configuration Management

It manages malfunction, performance and configuration of server equipment. Users can monitor servers with icons on a topology map.

  1. Performance Information Collection

It estimates NFS / CIFS file system response times, NIC traffic volumes, file system usage rates and CPU performance data of each server.

  1. Alarm

It offers various ways of alarms when any deviation from each baseline occurs. Users can also check malfunctions with the real-time malfunction event in a usual time.

  1. Expansion

It can be established in combination with NMS, FMS, TMS, etc. When they are combined, event and malfunction information is also integrated and managed together.

Conceptual ERD




Independent Monitoring Preference Setting

  • Independent monitoring preference setting for each server system, each monitoring item(CPU, memory, disk, file system, I/O, process, service, etc.) and each instance.
  • Prevention of unnecessary resource use of a managed server with customized monitoring preference

Excellent OS Compatibility

  • Supporting various server operating systems (Window, UNIX, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, etc.) with JVM(Java Virtual Machine)
  • Quick support for a newly released OS

Script-Based Monitoring

  • User-script-based monitoring without modification of software agent according to newly added monitoring item facilitates expansion of server observation modules.
  • Various script application for window event, DB data monitoring and log monitoring

Single-Agent Basis

  • Single agent’s monitoring server status, resource usage rate, process, service, DB and WAS
  • Monitoring of a particular item without extra module
  • Reduction of monitoring resource loss and improvement of management focus