Network Intelligent Facility Management System

NETIS-FMS(Network Intelligent FMS) is an advanced intelligent network FMS management system. It manages status and conditions of various sensors in the center not only by communicating with network facilities but also with various sensor items which are parts of network items.

Main Function

  1. Various Sensors

It collects different network condition data with various types of sensors so that users can manage networks in a more efficient way.

  1. Maximisation of Sensor Management Efficiency

Users can manage various sensors with the centralized management system and quickly collect network information through the sensors and real-time communication.

  1. Expansion

It can be established in combination with NMS, SMS, traffic, etc. When they are combined, event and malfunction data is also integrated and managed together.

  1. Ubiquitous Computing

FMS offers a base model to enter the ubiquitous computing market later. Users can monitor every condition in the center with various sensors inserted in all the network items.

Conceptual ERD




CCTV Footage Management

  • Real-time CCTV footage management
  • Viewing recorded footage of each CCTV or in real time
  • Linkage with gate sensors

Integrated event collection structure

  • Integrated event collection structure
  • Various alerts of malfunction to be sent to an operator e.g. sound, SMS/push, pop-up, etc.

Facile Expansion

  • Possessing most of the existing linkage standard interfaces to manage heterogeneous sensors and control equipment
  • Communication interface between various devices (RS-232/485, USB, Ethernet, Relay, Digital Input, Wifi)

Performance and Malfunction Management

  • Real-time performance monitoring of equipment and environmental changes
  • Event occurrence and automatic control of device and line status through detection on/off, alert conditions and thresholds
  • Statistical analysis of performance values of each collection item and occurred events through a report
  • Export Performance and event data export

Real-Time Integrated Control

  • Monitoring intuitive malfunction and performance through a location-based equipment topology
  • Real-time monitoring, alarm occurrence (according to thresholds) and control of equipment e.g. a thermo-hygrostat, UPS, panel board, etc.
  • Real-time status monitoring of environmental changes e.g. temperature, humidity, voltage, current, water leakage, fire, entrance, exit, etc.