Network Intelligent Fiber Network Management System

NETIS-FNMS(Network Intelligent Fiber Network Management System)is an advanced intelligent network FNMS management system. The solution systematizes automatic remote monitoring, operation and management of fiber-optic cable that combine together and manage complicated and various high-speed fiber network in an efficient way.

Main Function

  1. Remote Automatic Monitoring

It automatically detects irregularities of fibre networks in real-time and offers estimation and status analysis of transmission device through malfunction information. It offers automatic remote monitoring service on target lines.

  1. Performance Estimation and Status Analysis

It estimates line status and monitors line changes from standard waveforms for 24 hours. It offers analysis of each of various communication accidents e.g. cut, bend, oxidation/weathering, poor connection, etc.

  1. Line Malfunction Location Infor

It outputs the location of line malfunction on GIS and offers GIS data of line and system configuration information. Malfunction alarm by e-mail and SMS is available.

  1. Statistical Analysis/History Management

It manages the history of relevant information including malfunction history, estimation history, line repair work, etc. and outputs statistical analysis utilising the information and various types of reports.

Conceptual ERD




Network Design Management

  • Regular check of idle lines – important data for line switching and new transmission line composition

Operation Management

  • Regular automatic observation and change analysis, and proactive management
  • Displaying location of fiber Cable on Map with GIS

Maintenance Management

  • Possible to reduce maintenance labor cost with automatic remote management
  • Offering clear judgement to operator of malfunction estimation and line history management with standardized estimation

Real-time Performance Malfunction Monitoring

  • Estimating fibre optic line irregularities when communication failure occurs with EMS(Transmission Device)
  • Prompt handling of instant estimation and field corrective action when failure occurs
  • Dashboard for at-a-glance understanding of operation and malfunction status