Network Intelligent TMS

NETIS-TMS(Network Intelligent TMS) is an advanced intelligent traffic management system.
Users can constantly monitor network traffic through Netis-Flow and detect symptom of network irregularities at an early stage.

Main Function

  1. Traffic Analysis

It can collect various statistics by classifying traffic into network, group, task, nation, ISP, etc. and analyze the inside of classified logical groups with drilldown in an advanced way.

  1. Abnormal Traffic Detection

It not only offers alarm service according to thresholds but also detects sudden traffic changes at an early stage by automatically learning network pattern for itself and setting an automatic threshold.

  1. Intelligent Report

It offers various types of statistical reports classified into a network, group, task, nation, ISP, etc. Users can convert generated reports into PDF, MHT, RTF, Excel, CSV, Text, Image formats.

  1. Integrated Dashboard

Users can monitor traffic status that’s visualized in topology.

Conceptual ERD




Response Time Analysis

  • End-to-end monitoring of response time of each section of traffic session

Raw Traffic Analysis

  • Collecting raw traffic of a device that doesn’t support data flow with L7 traffic collector

Event Policy Management

  • Establishment and application of network-specific event policy
  • Adding multiple types of event policies with combinations of the number of Src/Dst IP, protocol, byte, the number of packet and TCP flag

Traffic Linkage Analysis

  • Drill-down linkage analysis of user traffic data
  • Immediate linkage analysis of connected user’s IP and application traffic information
  • Linkage analysis with network management system

Both Flow and Packet

  • Collecting multiple types of flow data including NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, etc.
  • Collecting raw data traffic by mirroring and tapping with L7 traffic collector

Real-Time Traffic Control

  • Real-time monitoring of 20,000 traffic sessions per second with one collecting server
  • Collecting maximum 100,000 sessions per second with L7 traffic collector
  • Monitoring IP, Port, Bps, pps, Byte, Packet Count, etc. in real time every second