Network Intelligent APM

NETIS-APM (Network Intelligent APM) analyzes the cause of performance degradation by analyzing the application performance of each service section operated by the customer,   Provides continuous quality analysis function to provide optimal service operation environment.

Main Function

  1. Service / Application real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of service / application resources and intuitive display via dashboard

  1. Intuitive display function

Provides application / SQL performance analysis and analysis of Bad applications (resource not returned / memory leaks) information

  1. Snapshot analysis capability

Reproduce issue situation through snapshot and provide snapshot intercomparison function

  1. Disability Management / Statistics

Provision of fault prevention, notification of fault / statistical function, and analysis of performance information through statistics processing

Conceptual ERD




Real-time monitoring environment

  • By configuring the monitoring environment according to the type of each group / user, it provides the system status diagram, and provides intuitive monitoring function through integrated dashboard.

Function of Snapshot analysis

  • It provides snapshot function to reproduce past monitoring situation and provides mutual performance analysis environment before and after tuning by comparing mutual performance by snapshot

Performance analysis

  • J2EE instance performance check function based on MVC model and trend analysis function for trouble (performance) / event item of application (TX, JSP / Servlet, JNDI, EJB, JDBC etc.)

Statistical report function

  • Provides application-specific statistics and analysis reports by period, and custom report creation for your environment.