Server Rack Management System

NETIS-SRMS(Server Rack Management System) is an intelligent server rack management system.
The system can simulate inner space of a computer room in an organic and systematic way and monitor detailed status and failure occurrence of each rack.

Main Function

  1. Rack Management

It displays location of racks inside a computer room and offers power supply/electric power values of mounted equipment of each rack. If a rack is selected, the mounting information is offered.

  1. Real-Time Monitoring

It monitors status of server racks regularly or in real time.

  1. Malfunction Management

It gives a degree of malfunction to each registered device’s power supply, electric power, etc. so that it prevents failures from happening.

  1. Integrated Control Screen

Users can check rack management and rack mounting data from the essential equipment control screen and the secondary equipment control screen.

Conceptual ERD




Rack Management

  • At-a-glance view of inner configuration of a computer room
  • Offering mounting information of a rack when the rack is selected

Facility Management

  • Configuration of location-specific position data
  • Managing equipment information including installation dates, models, manufacturers, suppliers, performance and maintenance companies

Real-Time Monitoring of CCTV

  • Setting various malfunction criteria e.g. power supply, electric power, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Early malfunction diagnosis with phased criteria of malfunction

Linkage with Other Solutions

  • Linkage construction with other solutions including EMS, NMS, SMS, etc.
  • Supporting maintenance and succeeding expansion