Network Intelligent UMS

NETIS-UMS (Network Intelligent UMS) is a subscriber network management solution that provides integrated management (performance / fault) of all infrastructure in HFC network and optical network, It is an integrated solution that directly controls and processes subscriber management product opening / canceling process in conjunction with DHCP server and sales system.

Main Function

  1. CMTS Management

Provides integrated monitoring of performance of CMTS equipment, monitoring of port and subscriber performance and signal quality

  1. Lightlan management

Provides monitoring functions such as optical LAN Infra integrated control, port management through equipment control, bandwidth allocation, etc.

  1. DHCP Management

Provides information on server performance, IP usage, usage history monitoring, and harmful blocking system through DHCP server interworking

  1. Quality measurement management

Provides app for site opening and provides SM measurement function

Conceptual ERD




Integrated Network Management

  • Provides integrated management and control functions for CMTS, optical LAN, DHCP, and provides functions to handle subscriber opening / changing tasks.

Integration of sales system

  • In conjunction with the sales system, it provides information on business processing and processing history by receiving information such as product opening / termination / AS / service request.

IT Infra Monitoring

  • Service Provider Customer Service N / W Configuration / Performance / Fault Management for Equipment Provides traffic monitoring function by collecting NMS and Flow information.

Quality control monitoring

  • Provides signal quality, FLAP management and WCM error control function, and provides quality indicator management function through multi-dimensional analysis by equipment / product / manufacturer / customer center / region / model.