Enterprise Management System

Netis-EMS is a dashboard where you can manage all kinds of network solutions.
It offers real time visual monitoring service on networks, traffic, server, and sensor status.
It can interlock with the pre-established control solutions, and it can control various types of threats when an event occurs.

Main Function

  1. Optimum Dashboard

Through interviews with customers for customization that deducts essential items of the integrated control, it offers the optimum dashboard for clients.

  1. Realtime Monitoring

All the necessary conditions can be controlled with no loss of data every few seconds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so it helps customers to be able to manage any functional failure.

  1. Dynamic Dashboard

Silverlight, Flex and video playing make the dashboard dynamic.

  1. Expansion and Integration

The solutions of us and other companies can be combined and displayed as one through customization.

Conceptual ERD


Network integration dashboard