Network Intelligent ISAC

NETIS-ISAC (network intelligent ISAC), in conjunction with ESM, TMS, and EMS, It provides a comprehensive analysis of performance, failure, and configuration information for N / W configuration devices and collects security event information and provides an integrated response system.

Main Function

  1. Integrated Control Dashboard

Provides integrated security monitoring dashboard including ESM, TMS, EMS

  1. Infringement Response Portal

Security threat information sharing and example · Alarm management function

  1. Integrated event management

Integrated event management of security events and IT infra monitoring inform

  1. Manage security event history

Provides records management and integrated search function for event occurrence and infringement countermeasure

Conceptual ERD




Comprehensive analysis system portal

  • Provides integrated management process of various security incidents such as perception of infringement situation, cause analysis / trace, integrated event preservation, and countermeasures against infringement, and provides security related notice function to each person in charge through portal bulletin board.

Rapid propagation of situation

  • Provides integrated alarm function of ESM and TMS events in case of security incidents, and provides examples and alert notification information, security / infringement situation propagation and countermeasures.

Intuitive integrated control dashboard

  • Providing 100% customized integrated security control dashboard, it provides information on customer’s key confirmation information at all times, and provides functions such as alarm and text / e-mail dispatch function through audiovisual.

Provide statistics on infringement accidents

  • Provides statistics and infringement incident Ton N information of infringement accidents by detailed type by period, and provides intuitive graph information such as circle, bar, and line.