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Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected some of your most frequently asked questions.
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[Similar Delivery System] Does the system have a similar delivery case?

It is a system that is delivered to various public institutions, financial institutions, corporations and educational institutions.(EX)Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Corporation, Korea Gas Corporation, IBK Industrial Bank, Bank of Korea, Forestry Fund, Mirae Asset Life, Nexon, SK Gas, Amore Pacific, Kangwon Land etc.

[Maintenance manpower support] What are the manpower statuses for system construction and maintenance?

Currently, we have 17 specialized research personnel and 12 technical support personnel.
Customization and technical support can be quickly supported by the workforce.

[Scalability] Is the scalability of the system easy?

Because the unit engines that collect data are designed as a multi-engine structure, they provide scalability by adding additional collection devices such as servers.
Modules that collect data according to management targets are configured as plug-ins, allowing expansion to various IT resource targets such as network, traffic, server, and facilities.

[How to be alarmed] In the event of a fault, how can the person in charge check the fault?

In case of trouble, you can send E-mail or short message (SMS) to the person in charge.
In addition, you can check for faults through a variety of alarm methods, including alarms, pop-up lists, fault summaries, and sounds that provide pop-ups through integrated alarms, dashboards, and topology maps.

[Automatic registration of network equipment] How is automatic registration of network equipment performed?

By registering the network IP band in advance, it scans the registered IP band periodically (twice a day) and finds new equipment and automatically registers it.

[Heterogeneous network equipment support] Can I manage all kinds of heterogeneous network devices?

All network devices that support SNMP protocol V1,2,3 can be managed.

[Data Collection Cycle] Can the performance and fault data collection cycle be changed?

You can change the acquisition cycle of the unit engine, which collects performance and fault data, in seconds / minutes.
Provides a function that allows the user to specify setting information for changing the collection cycle.

[Traffic Collection] How do I collect data for traffic monitoring?

1) Collect traffic data based on flow data provided by network equipment.
2) It supports various kinds of flow such as NetFlow, sFlow and IPFIX.
3) In the environment where flow is not supported, it is possible to monitor the traffic of Mirroring and Tap method using exclusive collection equipment.

[Traffic collection performance] What is the performance of collecting traffic data?

If you use Flow, you can monitor 15,000 ~ 20,000 sessions per second.
With dedicated acquisition equipment, up to 100,000 sessions per second can be monitored.

Managed Server OS Type] What types of OSs can be managed by the server management system?

We have agents that can be applied to various operating systems such as Windows Server OS, UNIX, Linux, and AIX.

[Agent Installation] Do I have to install the agent by monitoring items for the server?

Only one agent is installed per managed server. Multiple monitoring items can be collected from one agent.

[Sensor connection method] How is the connection for temperature / humidity, leakage, heat sensor etc.?

This is done through the connection between the sensor and the dedicated collection device.
Various communication methods such as contact method, RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet are available according to sensor type.

[Software Technology] Which software technologies are mainly used in the system?

Mainly developed using Microsoft .NET technology.
The user interface (UI) includes both client-server (CS) applications and the Web, and Web dashboards use Silverlight and Flex technologies to represent information.

[Strengths versus competitors] What are the strengths compared to competitors?

1) We have a lot of building know-how for large-capacity sites. Ex) CJ Hello Vision, LG U +, etc.
2) The performance acquisition engine is 2 ~ 10 times better than its competitors and has real-time performance collection function in seconds.
3) We have customization know-how for various customers.
4) We provide encryption for key data using NIS-certified encryption algorithm.
5) It has a mobile application with excellent accessibility to the product.